All-in-One Solar LED Street Lights Manufacturers in India

Silan being a prominent Solar LED Solar gathering and Supplier in India, is among a couple of all in one solar LED street light manufacturers in India. Our daylight is energized.

All in Solar Street lights are organized and created by our master team using brilliant imported rough materials and revived development.

Solar Street lights give wise maintenance-free elective essentials answers for illuminating roads, avenues, dwelling areas, and business structures no matter how you look at them.

Across the board, solar street lights comprise a solar panel, battery, and LED and can be worked by sun powered vitality.  

Our Solar Street Light endeavours are generally fitting for help free lighting courses of action at any rate cost.

Usage of LED Street lights in India is financially sensible and an unrivaled choice for customary lighting structures and to chop down the force bill unquestionably.

Our Solar LED Street Lights are outfitted with customized development sensors and dimmer settings to ensure the most noteworthy essentialness speculation reserves.

Leniently connect with us for Solar LED Street Price List and Installation in India.

Technical Highlights for all in one solar street light:

  • Auto dimmable
  • 365 days power-saving mode
  • Slim design
  • Easy to fit in pole
  • High-efficiency lithium battery use
  • Up to 80% vitality sparing
  • Stylishly planned to have ABS fenced in area with polycarbonate spread and
  • Inbuilt movement sensor
  • Streamlined warmth sink plan for brilliant warm administration
  • A short out and open circuit security on the driver
  • High brilliance, power LEDs
  • IP-65 MPPT Solar Charge Controller
  • Selection of hues


  • Parking areas
  • Mechanical/Institutional grounds
  • Municipality and Housing Colony
  • Street lighting
  • Open squares and Parks
  • Businesses and Institutional Campuses

All in one solar street light models consist of various models. Its housing is aluminum, and it also has a solar panel battery & inbuilt lights in it. It supports Li-Ion and Lifepo4 Battery.

We use Microwave sensors and PIR Sensors in it which helps in saving energy.

Our All in one solar street light Model has 365 Days Mode run. We also have Auto dim and an Energy Saving mode, which can help in less consumption of energy.

If you are looking to get an all-in-one solar LED street lights manufacturer in India, you must go with Silan (No.1 Solar Street Light Manufacturer).

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