It is a new compact lighting solution that consists of solar panels, a lithium-ion battery, and LED. The integrated solar street light is a type of all-in-one solar street light that includes an LED driver technology, charging battery technology, and efficient microprocessor-based electronics.

With a motion detector, integrated solar street light provides a solution of low-energy consumption, high-luminance, long-lasting, and low maintenance. Now, let’s have a detail of every module.

Solar panel:

Solar panels are the source that converts solar energy into electricity for use. It is the most crucial part of an integrated solar street light. There are monocrystalline and polycrystalline two solar panels that are applied in the solar systems.

LED light source:

It is generally used as the luminary of solar street lights. It is best suitable because the energy consumption of LED fixtures is half of what traditional fixtures need. LED lights provide higher Luminus along with low consumption of energy. It simply counted as the best lighting solution of this modern generation.

Solar batteries:

Lithium-ion batteries are compact that can easily fit within the street light. These are the rechargeable batteries connected with the solar panels and collect all the excess energy generated from the sunlight. Solar batteries store the energy in the daytime and provide electricity to the fixtures during the night. The life cycle of these batteries plays a vital role in the excellent performance of the integrated solar street lights.

Benefits Of Integrated Solar Street Light

Easy to install:

With an integrated solar street light, the installation process becomes straightforward. There is no complex process of wiring for its setup. Even you are the end-user, you need not be from an engineering background or have skills in electronic equipment. All you require is to do fixing the light with the screws. And enjoy the benefit from the free solar energy all the time.

Low maintenance:

Integrated solar street light is highly efficient, along with a long lifespan and almost low maintenance requirements. All the components included in the solar street light are of good quality with long-term usage that made these street lights low maintenance. You only need to take care of the cleanliness of the solar panels.

Environment friendly:

Unlike fossil fuel traditional solar lights, which have supplies that need to be mined, solar street lights are a renewable energy source. Therefore, in the future, more and more integrated solar street lights are established rather than the traditional electric lights. An integrated solar system is the cleanest source of energy because it is natural and pollution-free. Therefore, choosing integrated solar street light is a great way to make your share for protecting the environment.

Useful in emergency circumstances:

When emergencies occur like power cut, climate issue, and more, integrated solar street light is the best solution for this problem. All-in-one solar lighting can continue to light society with the electricity produced by sunlight. Even in the dark, it can help you by providing light through the stored electricity in the solar batteries.

Integrated Solar Street Light Application

The areas with sufficient sunlight are a must for a solar-powered lighting facility to work. The same principle applies to a semi-integrated solar street light. You can use the integrated solar street light in remote areas with no infrastructure of the power station.

However, as with other lighting products, integrated solar street light is mainly installed in the outdoor areas where illumination is at high requirement.

These areas are generally classified as given below:

  • Roadways,
  • Open areas,
  • Pedestrian areas, and
  • Site perimeter.

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