All in one solar street light 12W

All in one solar street light 12W


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All in one solar street light 12W

  • Wattage: 12W
  • Solar Panel: 40w poly/mono
  • Battery: Li Ion/Lifepo4(153WH)
  • Solar charge controller: MPPT
  • Sensor: Microwave/PIR/Radar
  • Led: OSRAM High Power
  • Temperature Sensor: Enabled
  • Body type: Aluminum
  • BMS: Balanced & Temperature sensor enabled
  • Mode: 365 Power Saving Mode
  • Tracking Efficiency: 99.3%
  • Dimming Stage: 4 Stage
  • Control: Intelligent Control
  • Lens Efficiency: 92%
  • Application: Panchayat/NAC/Muncipality/Blocks/Industries/DRDA

The above represents the 12-Watt All in one Solar Street Light. This particular product is one of the highest tracking efficiencies, which is nearing 99.7%, which helps the consumer understand the production of solar energy, then coming to its lenses, which have a massive ability of more than 90%. The entire product is a perfect suit for all the small areas that work like fitting it around the Panchayats, Blocks, or inside the industrial sectors.

These 12- Watt, All in One Solar Street Lights, are way more efficient than this thought. It is one of the most premium products that we have been manufacturing for years together. With the high-quality, experienced team, we understand every client’s issue and prepare the customized or designed solar street lights that will satisfy all the needs, starting from visual to electrical.


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