PWM Solar Charge Controller 10A

PWM Solar Charge Controller 10A


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PWM Solar street light charge controller

  • Maximum charging current:10A
  • Maximum Power of Solar Panel:130W
  • maximum Wattage of Light:30W
  • Maximum Output Current:0.15-1.3A
  • Maximum Output Voltage:20V-35V
  • IP:IP67
  • Weight:125gm
  • Dimming:Auto Dimming Energy Saving Mode
  • Function:Radio Frequency Operate
  • Tracking Efficieny:99.3%
  • Temperture Sensor:Enabled

The product is the PWM Solar Charge Controller of 10A. This is differently operated from the MPPT ones. It can be useful for both the Industrial and Household uses. The maximum range of the Solar Panel that it can control up to is 130W. The best part of it is the Auto Dimming facility which enables the user to leave up to designed machine control according to the need and situation.

Here, in this case, the maximum charging current that it can handle is up to 10A which is considerably a high amount. In the product, we have installed the Temperature sensor that allows it to adjust according to the temperature in the surrounding atmosphere with that the tracking efficiency of more than 99% helps the buyer to go for the product at any cost.


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