Solar Drinking Water System

Solar Drinking Water System


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Solar Drinking Water System:

  • Solar Drinking Water System use in Rural Areas,Pnchayat,Blocks & Districts.
  • It Has Different Models Like 5000L Tank System,2000L Tank System,1000L Tank System & 10000L Tank System
  • Solar BLDC 1HP Pump use.
  • Galvanised GI Structure use for Carrying Tank.
  • Poly Crystalline 1KW Solar Panel Used.
  • Sensor use for Automatic on and Off of Solar Pump.When Water Level low on Tank at that time Motor Starts & When Tank is full at that time Pump stops.
  • Earlier Morning Solar Pump starts.
  • It is a Success Model for Indian Rural Areas Drinking Water Sytem.
  • High Efficiency MPPT Controller use for Maximum Flow.
  • Our Pump is Brushless & Low voltage Runs.
  • We Provide Both 3inch & 4inch Dia Stainless Steel Solar Summersiable Pump.
  • Our Pump maximum Flow is 4000L-5200L Per Hour.
  • Our Pump Maximum Head is 67M-95M

We have been selling only one product of the Solar Drinking Water System as this is the best according to the requirements currently there in the market, along with the pump’s maximum flow of around 5000L per hour.


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