Solar PV Water Pumps

Solar PV Water Pumps 1HP Model is used on Solar Drinking Water System. 1HP Submersible Pump fitting at Borewell.

Solar BLDC pump 1HP has 750W. Housing is Stainless steel and Impeller also stainless steel.

The Solar Panel converts sunlight into electrical energy, and our controller powers the Pump. Evening time battery can be used. Day Time battery will be a charge for Nighttime running the Pump.

WE have sensors used for Tank Full Alert and Prevent from Dry run.

Our Solar Pump Automatically starts Every morning when sunlight Comes to Sky.

Our Solar pump controller Efficiency will be 95%. Solar Pump is a Revolutionary Product and It is widely used on Rural Drinking water Systems.

Maintenance-free Solar Pumping System. No need for any battery.2inch/3inch/4inch Size Solar Pumps Available. Per Hour Capacity is 4000-5200L on BLDC Type solar pumps.

What is Solar Pump?

A solar water pump is a system powered by solar power. It’s like a standard electric pump, except that it uses solar energy instead of fossil fuels or electricity.

It has one or more charging solar panels, such as the PV module of the charger, the motor pump set, an MPPT controller to operate the Pump.

Solar PV Water Pumps are used to draw water from wells, rivers, and bore wells, which are used to meet the water requirements for irrigation, drinking water supply, and other purposes.

How Do the Solar PV Water Pumps Work?

  1. The solar pump usually requires solar energy, and solar energy is available when sunlight falls on the solar panel. With the help of this solar energy, the solar pump is operational.
  2. To complete the Silan solar water pump system, we offer a wide range of compatible probes, water level sensors, solar power equipment, racks, and solar panels.
  3. Solar dc pump, solar panel, copper flat cable, stay wire are required to install the solar pump.
  4. First, you need to check the input current voltage of the solar pump. Then, you have to choose the wattage of the solar panel according to the input current-voltage data. After that, the connection to the pump controller will be provided from the solar panel.
  5. The DC voltage required for the solar pump here will be converted. The power required from the controller goes to the solar pump system. The solar pump runs when it receives power from the controller.

ADVANTAGES of Solar Pumps:

  1. Solar pumps are powered by solar energy. Solar panels generate energy from sunlight. It does not require an electric grid. In other words, free energy is consumed.
  2. The Solar PV Water Pumps has a water level sensor, so you don’t need to turn it off manually. So no human resources are needed.
  3. The solar-powered pump will run directly from solar power during the day and run on a battery at night. So there is no need for natural fuel.
  4. Due to the low mechanical parts used in the solar pump system, less maintenance is required.
  5. It lasts more than five years without maintenance. It is solar energy use instead of non-renewable energy. So it does not pollute the environment.
  6. It is very easy to install as a normal water pump. It is readily transferred from 1 spot to another.
  7. It’ll be set up in remote areas where power or diesel isn’t offered.


Solar water heaters are a fresh notion a solar water heater process is ordinarily employed for the domestic water source, commercial businesses utilize, and agricultural irrigation systems.


Solar Pump Prices as per Wattage and HP:

1 HP AC solar pump set system: Rs 30,000

2 HP AC solar pump set system: Rs 50,000

5 HP DC solar pump set system: Rs 80,000

3 HP DC solar pump set system: Rs 70,000

That price Included Solar Pump, Solar Pump Structure, Solar Charge Controller, Float sensor, Tank, etc. Galvanised Structure with Suitable J-bolt for fixing structure with soil.

The mounting structure we provide for fitting solar Panel. Stand post used for water supply.

Float use for full Tank alert and Protect from a dry run.3Core Copper Cable use for connection pump with controller and Solar Panel.

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