Why don’t many Indian solar companies manufacture these light systems?

Solar High Mast Light System is essentially bright lighting that is installed on a tall pole. It is used to provide large areas with high visibility lighting.

This type of illumination is generally the preferred method of lighting when it comes to public areas like expressways and stadiums.

Benefits of high mast lights:


These lighting systems are highly cost effective. Not only does one light pole cover a whole area, the area being covered is a remarkably large one.

Considering it from the standpoint of a solar high mast light, that cost goes down even lower, as the only recurring costs incurred will be the maintenance charges.

In this way, high mast lights are one of the most economical outdoor lighting options.

Installation and Maintenance:

Due to the size and weight of the high mast light pole, the only way to safely install it is to use precise load bearing machinery to transport and hold it in place until it can be permanently installed.

In contrast to its installation, the maintenance of high mast lights is relatively simple and can be carried out by a few experienced technicians.

Design Options:

High mast lights, with their size and tendency to loom over fields and highways, are impossible not to notice.

They invariably affect the look of the area they illuminate.

And so, they need to look like an organic design choice instead of a randomly placed structure.

Thankfully, high mast light, both conventional and solar, have a good range of design options, from pole length to light shapes and shades.

As for why there aren’t a lot of solar high mast light manufacturers in India, it is mainly because high mast lighting manufacturing and installation is more complicated than many other solar energy related projects.

The solar energy industry in India is not yet fully established. Therefore, the only solar street light manufacturers in India are the companies with the practical know-how of the intricacies and challenges of high mast lighting, i.e. companies who are already solidly established in the industry.

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